Sabatti rifle reviews

Discussion in ' Double Rifles ' started by johneracerApr 24, Log in or Sign up. Here we go another Sabatti review Discussion in ' Double Rifles ' started by johneracerApr 24, Joined: Apr 18, Messages: 36 Likes Received: Hello, I purchased a new production Sabatti in NE.

I ready every single piece of information I could find on these rifles and decided to go for it. I spent a lot of time in talks with whosalehunter and IFG importer and felt comfortable. I purchased ejector model and 5 days later it showed up at my FFL. My initial impression was to check the muzzle for grinding and there was none.

Barrel were very smooth and shiny typical of a hammer forged barrel. Wood to metal fit was great and wood was nicely coated however I might send mine to be redone. I think it could be even better. It is a very nice piece of walnut so it is a shame not to get the mat out of it. As people previously reported engraving is deep and sharp, very nicely done.

The screw heads are engraved to the point they are barely visible. I am not a fan of the white writing on top of the barrel but as I was cleaning the barrel, the white lettering absorbed some oil and because slightly darker so now it doesn't stand out as much.

I think it will keep getting darker so it's not so bad. My rifle came with accelerator pad installed and according to IFG all and will have the pad installed. The rifle did not come with sling mounts so that was a plus. The top lever design has been changed from the design of the animal to some kind of generic design. Overall it looks much better. But this is all a waste of time if it doesn't shoot right? Well I'm super impressed as this one grouped 1.

Perfectly horizontal and not crossing. This is hornady factory ammo. It shot high but I will get a new front sight from IFG.

The Sabatti Urban Sniper w/Trijicon Review: Tactical Precision Italian Style

I only shot it one day and the range closed on me before I could experiment more but overall I'm very pleased.First in the list of best sporting rifles is the Howa Bravo provides essential chassis benefits combined with conventional target and varmint ergonomics. This rifle features a precision machined bedding area, full length rigid aluminium backbone that will not allow the forend to flex — but does allow design modularity with all compatible KRG accessories.

sabatti rifle reviews

The ergonomics are designed to fit your frame so you can pull off the difficult shots and is AICS detachable magazine compatible. Other features include a super smooth Teflon coated bolt and an oversized bolt handle for better grip and easier follow up shots. Introduced as a limited edition rifle, the T3X Cerakote is available in four calibres.

A rifle built to stand out from the crowd, the Turqua features a three-stage safety, a two-stage adjustable trigger and a degree bolt lift for faster loading and follow-up shots. A free-floating button rifled barrel with uniform stock spacing ensures consistent three-shot accuracy of sub MOA. Completing the package is an ergonomic Turkish Walnut stock designed for performance, accuracy and comfort. The HMR is one of the most popular Bergara rifles for a reason; built to offer a rifle for both hunters and competition shooters that can perform incredibly in either situation.

The stock features integrated QD flush cup mounts for easy sling attachment, an adjustable cheekpiece, and length of pull spacers to adjust from The winner of multiple awards worldwide, the HMR is available in a variety of calibres including 6. Robustness and accuracy are delivered via a sub MOA performance guarantee, a cold-forge hammered barrel and a crisp, adjustable trigger. Blaser brands are all offered via Selected Dealer arrangements.

The Saphire is the latest hunting rifle to come out of this Italian factory. The adjustable comb allows the shooter to dial-in optimal eye-to-scope alignment and a flat-bottomed buttstock helps to keep the target in the scope so the shooter can watch for bullet impact, and a comfortable, upright pistol grip optimizes finger-to-trigger reach.

Featuring the award-winning X-Bolt action with a matte blued finish, drilled and tapped for scope mounts. An extended bolt handle makes it faster and easier to operate the bolt. The Zoli Taiga is designed to meet the requirements of both traditional and modern hunters.

Hand-finished at every stage of the manufacturing process, the Taiga has the appearance and quality of a custom built rifle, but not at custom-built prices. Every part of the rifle has been designed to bring the shooter the best possible engineering excellence, such as a smartly redesigned trigger mechanism for consistent trigger pull.Precision rifles have changed considerably over the last several years. Early in my law enforcement career, inch barrels were common on these rifles, and if you were engaging at farther distances, a inch barrel might be used.

Thankfully, real-world experience has debunked most of the mythology surrounding barrel length. Many agencies today are fielding. Hunters are taking game with similar barrels at to yards. Barrels have also gotten lighter, like stocks and even bullets. Bullet technology has improved exponentially for increased effectiveness.

You can reach targets 1, yards away with shorter barrels—I do it all the time—but if you want to be precise at that distance and beyond, a longer barrel and heavier bullets will make your life a lot easier. The Sabatti family has been making firearms in the Val Trompia region in Italy since the early s. While the company is mostly known for its hunting and target rifles today, the STR is designed for tactical operations. This rifling essentially uses two different radiuses that alternate to guide the projectile without any of the sharp edges found in more conventional rifling.

This lack of sharp edges means those who lap their barrels can do so without worrying about ruining the rifling. Forcing cone geometry changes also guide the bullet in the rifling, centering it more precisely for greater consistency. This results in less bullet deformation and consistent shot-to-shot placement.

The sides and bottom of the forend are drilled and tapped for short rail sections, and three come installed on the gun.

sabatti rifle reviews

The folding mechanism is sturdy, tight and locked in place via a large knob. Loosen the knob and the stock can be folded for greater mobility. For testing, I installed a Leupold 3. Coupled with the MOA scope rail, this optic gets me out to the limits of the.

Here we go another Sabatti review

The Leupold Mark 8 scope also uses a Horus T3 reticle that makes it easy to call wind and provides clear and accessible holds for both wind and elevation. And it turns out, the barrel seemed to do just that. The most significant difference came from the Federal Gold Medal Bergers at almost fps.

Factory-rated for 2, fps, my MagnetoSpeed V3 clocked an average of 2, fps from the STR with a high of 2, fps. Interestingly, the and grain rounds saw very little increases.

The MRR rifling seemed to have more of an effect on the larger bullets, which proved valuable because I did most of my long-range shooting with and grain rounds.

Shooting out to 1, yards, this ammo required This load held well under 1 MOA out to 1, yards, creating a 2. Similar results came with the Black Hills and Nexus loads. The Colt ammo produced a 0.

sabatti rifle reviews

The grain loads were the least accurate, but their best groups were still under 0. So, as you can see, the STR was very accurate and consistent. Field shooting was just as solid, although the STR is relatively heavy, and its longer barrel is a bit slower to maneuver.

This is often the case with. Once in position, however, the rifle was a tack driver. The STR can handle unsupported positions—you just might have trouble holding it steady for a long time. Even with the Gemtech suppressor installed, the STR will fit inside a standard rifle bag with the buttstock folded. At the same time, all adjustments are easy to make, and they stayed in place on the range.Sabatti S. Today, Sabatti manufacturers competition shotguns, hunting and target rifles, and lately has entered into the tactical bolt action market.

Imported to the United States exclusively by the Italian Firearms Group, the Urban Sniper sports a relatively short for a long-range precision platform inch bull barrel. It is also very accurate, has a great trigger and fits on the shoulder well. And the Urban Sniper is among the more affordable tactical bolts available. I received a new Urban Sniper recently, chambered in 6.

For test ammunition, I used three brands of 6. Mine arrived with a muzzle brake attached. I left it on. Every tenth shot or so, I let the barrel cool off for 10 minutes before shooting again. Accuracy with the Urban Snipe was very impressive.

But I ran into a real problem Day One: me. For example, three shots of the Hornady Precision Hunter pegged into a very nice.

sabatti rifle reviews

Day Two, I was able to print some better yard, five-shot groups. Interestingly, my best group was with the least expensive ammunition, the American Eagle, which pegged five shots right at.

Next best, the Barnes with a. Instead of traditional lands and grooves, MRR uses two offset radiuses. This means the rifling has no sharp edges. According to Sabatti, MMR seals the bullet more perfectly to the bore, reducing stress on the bullet and producing less copper fouling, better accuracy, and increased muzzle velocity.

Certainly, the rifle is very accurate.If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.

Forum Rules. Search Forums. Advanced Search. User Tag List. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Add Thread to del. New Sabatti Rover 6. Sabatti is a really old company from Italy, who've been making rifles for a few hundred years. I shoot goats and wallaby at some distance sometimes so I thought the 6. The TM pictures It arrived yesterday and it's as finely made to the eye as it looked in the photos.

If I have a whinge, it's that there's a slight half ring worn round the barrel where it's been resting in a gun rack. I realize now it's visible in the TM photos too. But otherwise it looks and feels great. The bolt is heavy and solid and fairly stiff to close, but the rifle itself feels quite light without the glass on it yet. The trigger hardly moves when you pull it, a bit like a Browning X-Bolt, just a little tick and the rifle fires. My first job last night was to wipe it down, clean the barrel - for the sake of the close inspection that encourages - and then I pulled the action from the stock to see if the inletting was well protected.

Answer: ish. I could see all the inletting had been oiled at least once. Unlike the last two X-Bolts I've purchased.

But it also looked like the Sabatti's barrel channel was trimmed to float the barrel after it had been oiled. So it got another coat of tung oil to be sure. The inletting was nice and tidy though, not much burr, fairly smooth. I've seen good rifle brands hiding inletting that looks like a chain saw was used. Here's the innards of the stock, with the recent coat of tung oil soaking in I've got a box of those cheap Serbian PPU rounds to break it in this weekend.

I'll swar in the iron sights while I'm doing that. I'll post a range report when I'm done and before I add the glass. Share Share this post on Digg Del.The Italian firearms manufacturer Sabatti presents the new Saphire hunting rifle at the arms fair. We have looked at the hunting rifle with wooden or synthetic stock material for you.

FIRST LOOK: The Sabatti STR Precision Rifle Comes Stateside

The bolt is a 3 piece unit of head, body and handle, which allows more accurate manufacturing use of different kinds of steel and heat treatments. The bolt-action rifle is available in all major calibers for hunting:. The barrel extension, made of NiCrMo steel, is hardened and tempered following a special process that improves a lot surface hardness but also the strengthens at the core. Along with the bolt head, this is the most important part of the gun and safety depends on it.

It features also an interchangeable barrel that is not intended as quick detachable because few tools are needed for the purpose. Two different trigger mechanisms can be chose from: standard 1. They are interchangeable and can be replaced by a gunsmith. The safety is a traditional 2 position side lever that locks trigger and sear.

A 3 position safety will soon be available. The stock can be in synthetic version or, on request, with a Thumbhole or a high quality wood. The assembling screws do not engage the aluminum receiver but two steel inserts fitted on it. The Sabatti ST is a "multi-purpose" bolt-action rifle that can express its best performances in many different situations: competitive sport shooting, professional use and hunting.

We tested the 6. In a press conference at the company's headquarters in Gardone, Italy, Sabatti introduced today the new Tactical EVO bolt-action rifle. Read here why this model is so innovative. It's available now! Watch our video-test too. It will be the gun we will test in the coming hunting season: the latest ER version of the Sabatti's Saphire rifle is lightweight and durable, with new stock and barrel features that make it suitable for long-range shooting.

The barrel can be easily replaced with a barrel of a different caliber.

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